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We have a fleet of three 4x4 off-road buggies for tours located on mount Srđ above the old city of Dubrovnik.

Our goal is to provide you the best off-road experience while visiting Croatia and show you the beauty of the nature and history we're surrounded with. 

Pick a ready-made tour or create your own!

Mountain view



⏰ 1 - 1:30 H

👤 1-12

60 EUR - 452 KN

Per person

Enjoy the fun with your friends in a four-seat Buggy, climbing the hills and bumps of mount Srđ, most beautiful top in dubrovnik.

We drive along roads and tracks into the woods, passing through dusty paths along the way, so prepare for it. Our rides are performed in all conditions - sometimes there's dust, mud, water splashes, but it's all a part of the experience! 




⏰ 2 - 2:30 H

👤 1-12

110 EUR - 828 KN 

Per person

This two and a half hour guided Buggy tour is a great way to enjoy the nature, starting off from Bosanka up to the mount Srđ above Dubrovnik city.

Strap into a four-seat Buggy with your friends and family and prepare to see & feel the nature as you haven't before. Driving to the top, climbing hills, running through the stone and gravel paths, dirt and much more.

So, if you'd like to enjoy a sporty, bumpy driving thrill, learn interesting facts and history of Dubrovnik followed by a mediterian brunch and a few laughs, your next step is to book a tour!

Buggy tour




👤 1-12


We can tailor-make a tour for you! Tell us what are your wants and needs and we'll suggest what's best for you and your party.

Whether you want a short or a long trip, lunch included or just a panoramic view of the nature & sights, we can make it happen!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to drive a buggy?

No, our buggies are very easy to drive. They are incredibly easy automatic machines that you will master how to drive in only a few minutes after our guide tells you how to do it. Besides, if you don't want to drive, you don't have to. You can ride as a passenger while your eager-to-drive friend takes control of the steering wheel.

Are buggy rides safe?

Yes! First of all, there is always an experienced guide. Secondly, each passenger has its own seat and a seat belt and all our vehicles are equipped with a raw bar - a metal construction you can hold on to. Other than that, we offer helmets as an additional safety measure.

How do I know which tour is right for me?

That's easy! Contact us and we'll suggest a tour according to your wants and needs. Our experienced guides can suggest one of the already made tours, tweak them a little or make a custom one for you. That's something that we do often, so don't hesitate to ask!

Will the tour be cancelled if it rains?

We wouldn’t suggest it, it's even better if ti rains. The mud in your face is better than dust, trust us! Ok, all jokes aside, feel free to contact us in case of any doubts, but know this - buggy rides are suitable for any weather conditions - sun, rain, snow, wind... It just makes it more fun!

What about COVID-19?

The safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance to us. We perform detailed cleaning and disinfection of all our vehicles before and after each ride. Other than that, you can stress out that you want a private tour and we'll organise it for you at no additional cost.

How fast do we drive?

The tour is not a race so it's not important how fast you drive. You set the pace of your tour and the pace of the tour always depends on the slowest driver. The ride  should be fun and comfortable for all that participate. Also, you should enjoy the scenery during your ride, don't forget that!

What is the minimum age to participate?

The minimum age for Buggy Riders is 18 years old and the minimum age for passengers is 6 years old. For the drivers, the driver’s licence is mandatory.

What if we're a group of more than 12 people?

No worries! Just let us know how many of you there are and we'll provide more vehicles or suggest another solution.

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